30 November 2005

Googlezon and EPIC

Have you ever wondered about the future of Google, Internet Media, Microsoft and more generally how the Internet will change how we manage our information, online, live?

EPIC 2014 (the original movie) and EPIC 2015 (an update) are glimpses into the future. They are thought provoking. You might feel scared. You might feel thrilled. You won't feel bored. Each movie lasts approximately 8 minutes.

I prefer (by far) the original movie, it has more focus and élan. The narrator's voice - the same in both movies - is more direct, more poised. Comparing the two movies, you can't help characterizing the second movie as an afterthought, as if the authors regretted the conclusion of the first one. They shouldn't. The first movie had a more balanced ending. The second movie ends on a more rosy tone...

Inaugural Post - Information Management Now!

There are lots of books, articles and web resources on specialized fields of Information Management, including records management, library management, information technology, various technologies such as XML, RSS, etc. - but it's is difficult to find an all-encompassing text dealing with Information Management as an integrated discipline.

For that reason, I have started this blog. If you like the theme and want to be kept informed of new posts, subscribe to the feed (you will need to install/have a news aggregator and to click on the red "XML" icon at the bottom of the menu on your right).

Also for that reason, I have developed course I310, titled "Integrated Information Management", for the Canada School of the Public Service. The course will be opened to federal public servants next fiscal year (March 1st, 2006 onwards). The pilot will be given December 12th to 14th, 2005. The Course Package review was today - ah, I mean, yesterday. So far so good - looks like it will be a good course!

Finally, in the process of developing the course, I found myself challenged to go a step further - to actually write a book on Information Management. I have taken the step - and sent a query to a literary agent. Hope it works!