30 November 2005

Googlezon and EPIC

Have you ever wondered about the future of Google, Internet Media, Microsoft and more generally how the Internet will change how we manage our information, online, live?

EPIC 2014 (the original movie) and EPIC 2015 (an update) are glimpses into the future. They are thought provoking. You might feel scared. You might feel thrilled. You won't feel bored. Each movie lasts approximately 8 minutes.

I prefer (by far) the original movie, it has more focus and élan. The narrator's voice - the same in both movies - is more direct, more poised. Comparing the two movies, you can't help characterizing the second movie as an afterthought, as if the authors regretted the conclusion of the first one. They shouldn't. The first movie had a more balanced ending. The second movie ends on a more rosy tone...