26 February 2006

Thinking in Web 2.0: The 17th Way

I just finished reviewing a post by Dion Hinchcliffe called "Thinking in Web 2.0: Sixteen Way", and I could not resist the temptation of adding a 17th Way, for those of us primarily concerned with large governmental and corporate intranets:

17. The Web 2.0 is for governments and corporations too. The world wide web is changing, evolving into a new kind of user experience, leveraging new technologies such as blogs, wikis, RSS, web-based applications using Ajax, and many more technologies. Governmental and Corporate Information Managers need to seriously think and imagine how they could replicate this internet evolution into what we could call intranet revolutions, because, as those of us working in large corporations or governments know, introducing new trends and technologies in large intranets can often prove a formidable challenge, in part due to bureaucracy, diffused information leadership and information management confusion (see the entire post on topic here). Notwithstanding these obstacles, can Information Managers afford not to introduce Web 2.0 into their environments, and run the risk of increasing user experience obsolescence?