07 May 2006

G2TT In Pre-Launch Period (May 2006)

Government 2.0 Think Tank, or "G2TT", is currently in its pre-launch period during the month of May 2006. Here follows the current text of the home page of the new Drupal-powered association web site.

G2TT is an agent of social change in the way governments operate, particularly in how they manage their information.

G2TT promotes governmental efficiency. G2TT does not promote any particular viewpoint on any political issue. G2TT seeks to offer quality information to governments and members of the public about improving the way government does business, leveraging an open source spirit, one project at a time.

Throughout the world, governments are facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges in how they manage information. For example, the commoditization of Information Technology ("IT"), coupled with Web 2.0 trends and technologies, present a basket of solutions often leveraging Open Source Software and Open Standards. The IT landscape is dramatically changing, at a pace that few governments and large corporations seem to be able to keep up with.

While these fundamental changes are occuring on the IT front, the traditional governmental silos of Information Management, such as Records Management, Library Management, Archives, Metadata & Taxonomy, Access to Information & Privacy, etc. are breaking down to make room for an increasingly unified version of information management, reconciled and working with IT.

These major transformational currents will completely reshape the way governments operate and interact with the Public they serve. How these changes will occur, however, is difficult to predict, because few governments entrust the full spectrum of responsibilities related to Integrated Information Management to a single Chief Information Officer (CIO's). Current CIO's are often "Chief IT Officers" as opposed to true CIO's.

Many public servants possess the necessary knowledge to empower their governments to embrace these major trends. Unfortunately, they are typically responsible for only one piece of the problem. This is where G2TT comes in.

G2TT provides an architecture of participation in which members can become contributors on specific association projects, resulting in the production of Association Reports. These reports are built in a comprehensive and self-contained format, addressing the complete range of issues for any given set of problems, in an "open source community" spirit. They are drafted in an open and collaborative environment (for contributors).

The association will launch in early June. Stay tuned for further developments.