05 May 2006

Managing Your Online Presence: ClaimID

You may have noticed, in the side bar menu of this blog, the above ClaimID chiclet: it will take you to a ClaimID profile.

With ClaimID, you can collect in one place your online presence. You can use your ClaimID URL when you sign your posts in public forums or even on your business card - this is what I have started to do on a regular basis. There are several benefits to this approach:
  • Your contacts and readers are only a click away from finding out what you want them to find out about you: instead of relying on a Google search, they can simply follow your ClaimID URL.
  • ClaimID has a very clean, simple and intuitive design. I hope they keep that way. I still remember how disappointed I was when ICQ evolved into a feature-bloated Instant Messaging client. Long live extreme simplicity.
  • I suggest using, if you can, your full name in the URL. This will rank your ClaimID higher in search engines, which is good. It is becoming common practice to google potential employees, business partners, etc... Let them see first a clean list of stuff ordered the way you want.