22 April 2006

gosling community

I met yesterday some folks from the gosling community ("Getting Open Source Logic INto Government"), at their weekly get-together, Black Bear pub, Friday 16:30. I really enjoyed my conversation with Don Kelly and Russell McOrmand.

Don, aside from a shared interest in old games from the Commodore 64 time, made me discover ubuntu - a Linux distribution well suited for "normal people" (read: non-geeks - I like geeks by the way!). He runs it on his laptop and I had a glimpse at it - ubuntu has a very clean and friendly desktop-based user interface.

Russell, aside from his strong opinions on killing Bill C-60 (see also the associated blog), has a wealth of knowledge on open source issues and does not shy away from exploring these issues with a critical mind: I look forward to meeting him again - I learned a lot in an hour with him!!

If you are interested in finding out more about gosling, feel free to drop by in person at the Black Bear pub, any Friday 16:30. I plan to attend again.