27 April 2006

Job Opportunity (Ottawa) - Drupal Programmer / Developer

I have a 5 months (approx) casual employment opportunity to offer - Canadian Federal Government, in Ottawa, CS-02 level. If you are a good and motivated Drupal programmer / developer, or know someone like this; please check my post on drupal.org. A gifted member of my team, Fran├žois Dupras, is moving on to an acting opportunity elsewhere in the Office of the JAG and I need to replace him (even if you are irreplaceable Fran├žois) ;-)

This is an exciting opportunity: you can be part of one of the first Canadian Federal Government efforts in using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to address a range of information management requirements in a governmental context, in accordance with the applicable federal government guidelines on the use of FOSS. I would expect gosling members to be interested in this opportunity, for example.

Drupal has been featured as the cover story of php architect (vol 4 issue 12 - that would be december 2005 I think). In his article, Titus Barik characterizes Drupal as follows:
Drupal provides a flexible, extensible framework - an alternative to roll-your-own content management solutions. It can be refit for a variety of different content systems, including community portal sites, personal weblogs, and resource directories, simply by adding and removing sophisticated modules.

Drupal offers you a working, tested framework for building components, and handles the insignificant but tedious details of module management, user management, and integration [...]

Unlike a dedicated content system such as WordPress for blogging, or osCommerce for e-commerce, Drupal aims to be flexible, to suit any type of web platform.
Drupal has also been positively commented upon, several times, in the book "Open Source for the Enterprise : Managing Risks, Reaping Rewards" by Dan Woods and Gautam Guliani. I have been impressed by the long list of Drupal-powered web sites, of which I bookmarked a few examples.