19 March 2006

Canoë | Mainstream Media Goes Blogging

Canoë, a francophone Quebec-based mainstream media site, goes blogging (in French a blog is called a "blogue"). Make sure that you scroll down the Canoë Blogs home page, past the latest posts from several blogs, in order to find the blogs.

Some room for improvement:
  • Canoë ought to implement trackbacks in their blogs. Only comments seem to be supported at this time;
  • Permalinks should be more clearly accessible. Not all readers will know that they have to click the "comments" hyperlink in order to access to permanent link to the URL post, etc.;
  • On this note, some of the links in the "previous posts" section do not seem to be properly coded. For example, when I tried to access a post "Petit délice d'un..." in Jasmine's blog, although the browser displayed a permalink - that link took me to her blog home page.
As I surveyed a few posts, it seems that one of their bloggers, Patrick Lagacé from the Journal de Montréal, is discovering just how fun can be unmoderated comments (!). Jasmine Legault is using her blog as a diary.

Overall, a pleasant suprise to see mainstream media en français embracing blogging (timidly!), even if a few quirks need sorting out.