14 December 2005

CSPS I310 Course - Integrated Information Management - Day 3

Third and last day of training delivered today at the Canada School of the Public Service. See also Day 1 and Day 2. We started with the following syndicate exercise (please refer to the case study scenario at the end of this post for context):
  • Why the PAAO should introduce Integrated IM;
  • What would Integrated IM look like in the PAAO;
  • Suggest how to transform the PAAO from its current IM posture to Integrated IM.
Participants also prepared a proposal and presented it to a senior executive in the afternoon. Doug Rimmer, Assistand Deputy Minister (Programs & Services), Library and Archives Canada, was our guest executive for this course.

Alexa Brewer, Director of the Information Management Division (and also IM Forum Co-Chair), Treasury Board Secretariat, presented and explained to course participants the Government of Canada IM Program. Finally, I explained at which level Standardized IM Frameworks - SIMFs (explained here) - are best introduced in Departments and how Departmental Resource Centers could help local organizations design, develop and implement SIMF's.

Not surprisingly, I think what participants liked best was the opportunity to submit a proposal directly to a senior executive - in this case, an Assistant Deputy Minister (Doug Rimmer). The useful and precise feedback offered by Mr. Rimmer helped significantly in providing participants with a memorable learning experience.

Most participants thought this course should be a three day course, because there was so much material to cover and not enough time for the case study and exercises. I agree. In early January, now that the pilot is completed, the course will be reviewed and adjustments made accordingly.