15 December 2005

Tagging, Tagging, Tagging... Books!

Thanks to Stephen Abram for pointing LibraryThing in one of his recent posts. LibraryThing is conceptually equivalent to del.icio.us, used to tag web resources, produce tagrolls, see how others have tagged similar content, etc.; but for books. Since August 29th, over 1,115,000 books have been catalogued in the system.

Makes you think of Yahoo purchasing del.icio.us and how that purchase was characterized by one commentator: "Yahoo just offered itself 300,000 human free internet resources taggers" (us!). LibraryThing is doing something similar!

What I like about it: the possibility of producing a bookroll. Watch for one, in upcoming weeks, on this blog...

Make sure you check this Firefox extension too, called SelectThing, used to add books to your LibraryThing account.